Try a new FLAVOR today!


  • 5-ALARM CHEDDAR – This is true Habenero popped kettle corn, not some foofoo seasoning. We use real Habeneros in the pop and then coat it in our secret recipe of cheddar cheese and spices. Gotta like “hot”!
  • CHEESY CHEDDARA tender, tasty blast of cheddar – yes, yellow fingers!
  • CHICAGO STYLEWe blended our richly coated Sea Salt Caramel kettle corn with our Cheesy Cheddar to create this “can’t stop eating” favorite!
  • CLASSIC KETTLE – Simple, Sweet and all natural is our Ohio Grown and freshly popped Kettle Corn. We use only Ohio Grown popcorn, Cane Sugar, Corn Oil, Salt and nothing else.
  • DILLICIOUS RANCH – Dill Pickle and Ranch combined give this a unique flavor loved by all!
  • JALAPENO CHEDDAR – The popper’s favorite! Real jalapenos are popped in the hot corn oil with the popcorn so that the flavor is in every popped kernel! Then we coat with Cheddar Cheese to make it a great snack.
  • PIZZ-AHH!!!Tastes just like a PIZZA! We created this for an event several years ago and it just stuck!
  • SALT & VINEGARLike the chips? Salt & Vinegar flavor that will take your breath away! Yum!
  • SEA SALT CARAMEL – A staple both in our stores and at events year round! Just the right amount of Caramel and Sea Salt, lightly covering our great Ohio popcorn.
  • WHITE CHEDDARA favorite at weddings and parties, where you don’t want yellow fingers. Mildly delicious!



  • BIRTHDAY CAKE – We take our wonderful kettle corn and add Vanilla to the Cane Sugar coating, then add Rainbow bits of candy to the blend. If that isn’t enough we drizzle this tasty treat with Birthday Cake icing.
  • BUCKEYE BLISS – We live in the Buckeye State and who doesn’t like Candy Caramel coated Ohio grown popcorn, drizzled in Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter melts.
  • CARA MOCHA CRUNCH – Coffee Bean oil extract is added to our Caramel Coating to create that Mocha flavor. We then drizzle this wonderful mix in Dark Chocolate. Yum…………
  • CHERRY SUNDAE – If you like Cherry then you’ll love this delightful Dark Chocolate drizzled kettle corn, with the flavor and aroma of cherries.
  • CINNA-BUN – We love Cinnamon and it’s so good for you! To make it more special we drizzle in Cheesecake flavored Vanilla melts. It’s like having a cinnamon bun in bag!
  • ELF CRUNCH – Santa’s helpers just can’t get enough of this holiday treat of Krunchy Caramel and Green Apple!
  • MTN. GOAT MUNCH – Simply Heaven! Candy Coated Crunchy Caramel drizzled in Dark and White Chocolate to make this a phenomenal blend!
  • FROOTIE TOOTIE – Fun In A Bag! We coat 4 different fruity flavors and combine to create this kid or kid-at-heart favorite. Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Lemon and Green Apple.
  • MERRY MINT – Peppermint  infusion in our kettle corn and dark chocolate makes this a favorite holiday treat!
  • MTN. GOAT MUNCH – Simply Heaven! Candy Coated Crunchy Caramel drizzled in Dark and White Chocolate to make this a phenomenal blend!
  • RED VELVET – Vanilla candy coated kettle corn drizzled in Red Velvet Chocolate to create very desireable treat!
  • REINDEER MUNCH – Santa’s sleigh just wouldn’t function without this holiday treat!  Dark and White chocolate drizzled on top of our Krunchy Caramel to create our seasonal favorite.  Great for putting out for Santa!
  • STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE – This is special! It’s candy coated Strawberry and Vanilla kettle corn drizzled with rich Vanilla candy melts.
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